Tropical Beach Getaway Map for MoveSpring

Tropical Beach Getaway

MoveSpring Customized Journey Map

MoveSpring, a fun, easy-to-use activity challenge platform. The app runs a challenge in journey mode in which users run as a team or against each other to reach a certain goal.

The theme for this journey was Tropical Beach Getaway.

  • Tropical Beach Getaway Journey Map

  • Illustration: Joana Ray
  • Art Direction: Maria Kreighbaum and Brittany Skwierczynski // Stridekick

Map Sections

#01: Tourist Beach

Coral Reef vector illustration for MoveSpring

#02: Coral Reef

Open Sea vector illustration for MoveSpring

#03: Open Sea

Abyss vector illustration for MoveSpring.

#04: Abyss

Shark Infested Waters vector illustration for MoveSpring.

#05: Shark Infested Waters

Cove vector illustration for MoveSpring.

#06: Cove

Rainforest Waterfall vector illustration for MoveSpring.

#07: Rainforest Waterfall

Beach Town vector illustration for MoveSpring.

#08: Beach Town


The Legendary Lifeguard

Pregnant Seahorse

Pregnant Seahorse



Under water volcano

Ghosts of meals past

Ghosts of meals past

Enchanted Cave

Enchanted Cave



Surf Competition

Surf Competition

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