Barda d'Égua MMXXI - alternative clandestine almanac

Barda d'Égua MMXXI O almanaque clandestino alternativo

Barda d’Égua is a personal project based on the original Borda d’Água, a Portuguese almanac that’s been published since 1929 by the also Portuguese publisher Editorial Minerva. This project is something I wanted to do for a really long time, I love the original Borda d’Água and as a designer, it always felt like a pretty neat and complete pagination exercise. I decided to make it in 2020 to offer some friends and family for Christmas.

This version is a parody so instead of having useful information for farmers like the original it’s filled with alternative and silly references for my friends.

The almanaque is prepared and set like the original one – printed in 3 sheets and folded.

I also made some illustrations to spread around, hand written proverbs and quotes to break the rigorous grid and a little flip animation in the top corner.


  • Fonts: HK Grotesk Pro by Hanken Design, and Wingdings by Microsoft
  • Design & Illustration: Joana Ray
  • Sources: listed at the end of the almanac
  • Consultants (official and non-official): João P. Araújo, Hélio Pires, Samuel Traquina, Daniel Bernardes, Marlene Siopa.
  • Horoscope Master: Hélio Pires
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