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Vector illustration for

Illustration and graphic identity

Back in 2020, I joined the design team at online sports’ betting platform (now bwin™) to develop illustration assets as part of the brand’s visual and graphic identity.

The starting point was this motion ad developed by the Portuguese creative agency NICS.


Elements graphic anatomy

Basic rules were developed to keep consistency.
So the highlights should always be in that specific green colour and always opposite to shadows which are always black.
The outer lines should always be on the same side and direction.​​​​​​​

Colour palette and grayscale

The colour palette is different depending wether the assets refer to sports or casino and it also defined the grayscale variation for the inactive state.​​​​​​​

Usage and Examples

Pictograms were made to mix with photography and be used as patterned backgrounds.
One of the illustrations for the welcome popup, about the livestream feature.

Advent Calendar

That year for Christmas they developed an advent calendar with an illustrated map.

More doodles

Doodles for the Falsos Lentos podcast, sponsored by then.
Halloween themed doodles

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