Bestiário Tradicional Português – book design

“Bestiário Tradicional Português” is a children’s book about the beasts and monsters that inhabit the Portuguese folklore, written by Nuno M. Valente and illustrated by Natacha C. Pereira.
This book is the first of a series of illustrated encyclopedias developed by Edições Escafandro.

I took care of the book design – pagination, cover design, cover lettering and additional illustrations.

Bestiário Tradicional Português

  • Authors: Natacha C. Pereira (illustration) and Nuno M. Valente (research & text)
  • Design, cover and aditional illustrations: Joana Raimundo
  • ISBN 9789899966901
  • 1st edition: Alcobaça, 2016
  • Escafandro, Associação Cultural

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