Cross-country – MoveSpring Journey Map

Vector illustrations for MoveSpring, a fun, easy-to-use activity challenge platform.

One of the challenge modes is the Journey in which users compete in a virtual long distance race, tracking progress in real time along the journey’s path and experiencing fun surprises and milestones along the way. Each journey is themed – this one is Cross-Country, simulating a city-to-city trip.

  • Cross-country Map

  • Illustration: Joana Ray
  • Art Direction: Maria Kreighbaum and Brittany Skwierczynski // Stridekick

Map Sections

#01: Starting City

#02: The Highway

#03: The Forest

#04: The Lake

#05: The Farm

#06: The Desert

#07: The Mountain

#08: Destination


Fancy Restaurant

Speed Demon

Bald Eagle (affraid of going bald)

Mosquito Army

Camo Cow

Cowboy Pete

The Cliffs of Doom

The Ferris Wheel

Final Postcard

End of journey postcard


MoveSpring Map - Section Milestones

App screenshots of the journey map and milestones.

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