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Sharing Food as an Act of Peace and Love

Sharing food as an act of peace and love

“It’s not just about giving your body the nutrients it needs. Once shared it can also become an act of peace and love.
Around the table with family, friends or even strangers, sharing food can take us to places of comfort, celebration but also of discovery.”

This piece is a part of “Rios e Ruas de Cerâmica” (loosely translated to Ceramic Rivers and Streets), an anual urban exhibition organized by my hometown’s parish, União das Freguesias de Alcobaça e Vestiaria. The goal is to connect the local artists and the multiple ceramics and faience factories in the region.

For this year’s edition I got to work with the ceramics company S. Bernardo (PPA). They welcomed us into their facilities where we were given blank pieces and tools to paint.

The finished piece is now hanging in the walls of A Casa, a wine cellar near the monastery.

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