DeVita Journey

MoveSpring Customized Journey Map

Vector illustrations for MoveSpring, a fun, easy-to-use activity challenge platform. The app runs a challenge in journey mode in which users run as a team or against each other to reach a certain goal.

This time there was a specific request from a client to develop a journey featuring all the countries they’re operating from. We tried to represent all sorts of iconic elements, from nature, monuments but also people and customs.

  • DeVita Journey Map

  • Illustration: Joana Ray
  • Art Direction: Maria Kreighbaum and Brittany Skwierczynski // Stridekick

Map Sections

Brazil vector illustration for MoveSpring.

#01: Brazil with Pelé, Carmen Miranda, carnaval, caipirinha and tatus.

Columbia, Haiti and Guatemala vector illustration for MoveSpring.

#02: Guatemala with its Mayan temples, Haiti’s karabela dress & Columbia’s gems and coffee. Also featuring marine life from the Caribbean Sea.

USA vector illustration for MoveSpring.

#03: The USA with Space Needle, eagles, Mount Rushmore, Michael Jordan, Statue of Liberty, alligators and space ships.

Portugal vector illustration for MoveSpring.

#04: Portugal’s very own Barcelos’ rooster, Porto wine, cream tarts, fado and surf.

UK, Germany and Poland vector illustration for MoveSpring.

#05: The UK with the Queen and guard, whiskey and clover fields, Germany with cars, castles and beer & Poland with Marie Curie and pierogi.

Nigeria and Uganda vector illustration for MoveSpring.

#06: Nigeria’s wildlife, precious stones and Zuma rock, and Uganda’s gomesi and Nakayima tree.

Jordan and Saudi Arabia vector illustration for MoveSpring.

#07: Jordan’s Al-Khazneh temple in Petra and Meca, arabian coffee and date palm trees in Saudi Arabia.

China, Taiwan and Malaysia vector illustration for MoveSpring.

#08: China with the Great Wall, pandas and bamboo, rice and tea, Mount Everest and dragons, Taiwan’s Atayal dance and Malaysia’s Petronas Twin Towers.

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