All The Way

All the Way is a short-movie directed by Pedro Rilhó and produced by Carmen Pop-Tiron, starring Olivia Nakintu, Oliver Wellington, Vincent Jerome, James Hardy, Michael Ballard and Alan Mooney.

The movie is mainly live action combined with traditional rotoscope animation and is available as a 4 episode webseries here –

  • All the Way

  • Writer/Director: Pedro Rilhó
  • Producer: Carmen Pop-Tiron
  • Director of Photography: Anna Gudbrandsdottir
  • Animator: Joana Ray
  • Starring: Olivia Nakintu, Oliver Wellington, James Hardy, Vincent Jerome, Michael Ballard and Alan Mooney.
  • Track: ‘Emulsion’ by Isaiah Stevens –
  • 2018 Atlanta Black Gay Pride Film Festival

This storyboard was also used as a prop in the movie, since Rayvenn (the main character) was a comic book artist.

All animation frames were painted with drawing ink and pigment ink pens.

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